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On this week’s ArtyParti, meet Daniel James Richardson; he’s a young award-winning filmmaker from Sunderland, who’s taking the MA Media Production (Film and Television) at the University of Sunderland as a way of kick-starting his film career, and making a film he’s been planning for years.

At the time of broadcast, Daniel was gearing up to the release of the Kickstarter project to raise money for his upcoming film The August Club. It’s a story about two young boys from a working class neighbourhood in the North East of England, who discover their small home town is host to a slew of monstrous creatures.

Little did Daniel expect just how great and swift the support would be.  Listen to be astonished too.

And click here if you’d like to help support The August Club’s Kickstarter.

Daniel James Richardson on taking advantage of your surroundings:

Daniel says the reason he’s taken the MA at the University of Sunderland is primarily for this final project; to make something he’s been wanting to make for years.

“I used the Masters to gain access to equipment, and other people as crew, and even 6 months before it began we’ve been writing…  You need to manipulate your surroundings into a way that lets you create.  I’m using the resources available to me to make something important for me.”

on perseverance as a filmmaker:

“You’ve got to surround yourself with people who encourage you, the right people.  As a secondary school student I hated media, despised it”.

Why?  Daniel’s school was poorly financed and they had a series of substitute teachers Daniel says were like “babysitters”.

“But then I went to college, really keen to do business…  The guy who taught media, a fantastic person called Martin Charlton, genuinely one of the best people I know, he said “why don’t you do media?”  He talked me back into film.  And I went from a C in secondary school, to an A college, to a 1st Class (Hons) from the University of Sunderland.  So it shows how much the teacher makes a difference.”

“I’m still no-where near any kind of prestigious recognition, and that just came from making music videos when I was younger, and I’ve got films that have won awards across America.  No-one picks up a camera and suddenly makes Guardians of the Galaxy; there’s a journey involved.  I started with my mum’s DV Handycam, filming my wrestling toys at the age of 9.  But having those roots gives me a drive because you see progress.”

on collaborating with other creatives:

“You just have to surround yourself with mates – they don’t even need to be skilled – who can be your allies on the creative front.  If you say “shall we do this?” and they say “let’s give it a go!”.  Everybody’s got a talent that can go into a pool – concept art, for instance, on The August Club Kickstarter, I just asked my cousin who jumped at the chance to get involved.  Even something as simple as someone holding a boom – it makes all the difference to you, and that might just be the catalyst for them to get into sound.”

on the importance of “good taste”:

“One thing that keeps people going is good taste.  What creatives do is have good taste, and when they write something or make something they’ll probably hate it.  They know what “good” looks like, and that’ll drive them forwards.”


Click here if you’d like to help support The August Club’s Kickstarter.

ArtyParti was produced & presented by Jay Sykes.

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