Stand Alone Podcast

In November 2019, Jay was commissioned to produce a 12-part podcast series for the charity Stand Alone UK: Supporting estranged adults in everyday life.  The series released around the winter holiday period in 2019, and into early 2020.


In our Christmas Eve special, all our guests join host Jay to unwrap the ideas and the imagery of Christmas: Holidays and getting away, charity work and volunteering, the prevalent messages in media and advertising, cultivating new and often non-biological connections, and taking ownership of your Christmas in whatever way that means for you.
We hear thoughts and experiences from almost everyone who’s featured across the Stand Alone podcast series – people whose episodes we’ve heard so far (Natasha and Grace), and those who we’re yet to meet (Mina, Aysha, Sarah, Blair, David, Yasmin, and Pippa).
We’re also joined by Becca, Stand Alone’s founder and CEO, and Jonathon, our support group leader in Edinburgh – they share their thoughts on how to navigate the festive period, and look after your own mental health.