Speak Up Sunderland

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Speak Up Sunderland is a new weekly podcast, proudly made in and about Sunderland.

“Fantastic, informative and funny podcast.  I’m a local lad and even I’m learning more about my own city!” – ryanbooth97

The team (presenters Betty Ball & Stevie B, and producer Jay Sykes) are keen to give a platform to people and projects in the city, and share events and stories that are gripping, quirky, or important to Sunderland.

“Sunderland is an amazing city, filled with everything – and that’s what Speak Up Sunderland is all about.  Being part of the team is nothing more than fun.  It’s very local, funny, relevant and random – which I think is a great selling point.” – Betty Ball, presenter of Speak Up Sunderland

Speak Up Sunderland podcast Roker lighthouse pier Betty Ball Stevie B Jay Sykes

After less than a month, the podcast has been downloaded nearly 400 times, and listened to around the world.

“Gutsy, funny and compelling listen, whether you are from sunny Sunderland or not.  This podcast is going places – listen to this space!” – C.Reith

In the first four episodes, the team have met a group of young RAF Air Cadets who built a WW2 plane from scratch, enjoyed glass blowing demonstrations at the National Glass Centre, tested out Paul Swinney’s “Mackem Dictionary” with the locals, and shared the story of “Joey”, a Vietnamese-born man who has settled in Sunderland thanks to charity City Hearts, after surviving seventeen years as a victim of human trafficking.



“This job can be really difficult, so when we see the local community showing us they care too it makes things so much easier.  It was an absolute privilege to be featured on Speak Up Sunderland, and I know it meant so much to ‘Joey’ to get the opportunity to share his thoughts.” – Abigail Harding, Senior Caseworker at City Hearts.

“It’s great to have a podcast celebrating what’s unique about our area – no one else is going to do it, so it’s up to us to discover and celebrate what we have.  The Mackem dialect is one of those special things, and it was a lot of fun to both do the podcast and listen back to it.” – Paul Swinney, artist & writer of the Mackem Dictionary.

“It was great to have the Speak up Sunderland team with us, we hope they enjoyed recording the podcast as much as we did. It’s fantastic to see local people who are passionate about the city and are proactively doing something to promote what we have to offer.” – Laura Reed, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, National Glass Centre.

Speak Up Sunderland releases every week, and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or however else you listen to your podcasts.