Speak Up Sunderland

Speak Up Sunderland podcast National Glass Centre Betty Ball Stevie B

Speak Up Sunderland is a podcast proudly produced in Sunderland.

“Fantastic, informative and funny podcast.  I’m a local lad and even I’m learning more about my own city!” – ryanbooth97

The team (presenters Betty Ball & Stevie B, and producer Jay Sykes) are keen to give a platform to people and projects in the city, and share events and stories that are gripping, quirky, or important to Sunderland.

“Sunderland is an amazing city, filled with everything – and that’s what Speak Up Sunderland is all about.  Being part of the team is nothing more than fun.  It’s very local, funny, relevant and random – which I think is a great selling point.” – Betty Ball, presenter of Speak Up Sunderland

Speak Up Sunderland podcast Roker lighthouse pier Betty Ball Stevie B Jay Sykes

In June 2019, Speak Up Sunderland was awarded a Finalist prize as “Best Podcast: Arts and Culture” in the New York Radio Awards 2019.

“Gutsy, funny and compelling listen, whether you are from sunny Sunderland or not.  This podcast is going places – listen to this space!” – C.Reith


Speak Up Sunderland is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or however you listen to your podcasts.