Charles Parker Prize – BBC Radio 4 Extra

This annual documentary on BBC Radio 4 Extra celebrates the finalists and winners of the Charles Parker Prize, an annual award for student audio feature makes across the UK.

The Charles Parker Prize is named after the famous radio producer who just over 60 years ago produced with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger the series of innovative programmes which became known as the Radio Ballads.  The award is given annually to the best features made by students studying radio and audio, at universities and colleges throughout the UK.

Charles’s daughter Sara Parker, herself an award-winning radio producer, introduces producers and their award-winning features.

2019’s documentary marks the centenary of Charles Parker’s birth, and includes this year’s five runner-up features, produced by; Jordan Blyth, Sam Ross, Lucy Ryan, Eddie Scott, and Faith Waddell.


Produced by Jay Sykes as a Soundscape Production for BBC Radio 4 Extra.