“I love ArtyParti.  It’s a fantastic resource for the city and a great way for listeners to become more informed about what is happening in the cultural sector.  Long may it continue.” – Helen Green, Head of Performance for Sunderland Culture.

ArtyParti is a weekly podcast, and live radio programme on Sunderland’s community radio station Spark, providing artists & creatives a platform to promote their projects & passions – and discuss issues that are important within Sunderland and the wider region.

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ArtyParti is vital for the area as it represents the arts in a vibrant and fun way, while retaining integrity and respect for the arts.  With its friendly and knowledgable host ArtyParti is the standard radio shows should aspire to.” – Andrew Hunter, Graphic Artist.

A key strength of ArtyParti is our development of continued relationships with arts & cultural organisations in the North East; not just featuring them and promoting their projects, but actively collaborating through ongoing projects.

Click on the image to visit the ArtyParti website

ArtyParti has gone from strength to strength since its first broadcast. It’s a fantastic way for artists to open up a dialogue with a wider audience.” – Jo Howell, Photographic Artist.

With ambitions to begin creating an annual printed anthology of work from artists who’ve been featured on ArtyParti, and begin podcasting our episodes, we recently launched a Patreon – you can help support our show & its growth.

“We desperately need platforms to promote all the local talent, so long may Jay and his fabulous team thrive and flourish.” – Dolores Porretta-Brown, Director of Hands On North East CIC.