99% Perspiration

99% Perspiration logo podcast creative advice emerging TV radio writing theatre talent acting directing editing producing crafts design fashion From April 2015 to June 2016, Jay produced 25 episodes of 99% Perspiration; aimed at sharing advice across a network of emerging creatives.

“A highly encouraging insight into the creative industries. 99% Perspiration has a brilliant structure with a variety of voices from all walks of the creative world. It has become my weekly remedy for the mid-week slump. This podcast inspires, informs and innovates and I highly recommend it for amateur and experienced creatives alike.”
– Matthew Winter Watson, Writer
“The perfect podcast if you’re looking to get into the creative industry or if you’re just a creative person in general. I love the advice that’s given from a bunch of industry professionals and the way the podcast is structured around these pieces of advice is brilliant. Can’t wait for the next episode! 10/10 would listen again.”

“This podcast is fantastic if you are in a creative industry and need advice on how to take your ideas forward and turn what may be a hobby into a career. Highly recommended!”
– James Pywell, JP Media